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Don’t hold back…Shine bright and don’t let other voices keep you from achieving the success you deserve. Never get their coffee and be empowered to showcase fearless leadership!

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Lakisha Ann Woods is a CEO, board member, Chair of the American Society of Association Executives Foundation (ASAE), and a global thought leader who frequently speaks about the importance of female leadership and equity. Having spent much of her career in leadership positions representing the construction industry, she considers diversifying the workforce and elevating and celebrating female and diverse leaders to be a critical mission and passion project.

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Never Get Their Coffee is a call to action. It is a challenge for young girls and women to be proud to see themselves as the CEOs of tomorrow, and to stop apologizing for wanting normal things. However, this book isn’t just for women—it’s for anyone who wants to shape the future behavior and thought patterns of men and women. It’s for anyone who recognizes that telling girls and young women to strive to lead provides a societal benefit to all of us, regardless of gender. This book is calling all moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, bosses, and co-workers. It’s a reminder that if we treat everyone as equals and recognize that women can aim high and should be in leadership, we can change the world.

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Customers Reviews

Ms. Woods book is a must read for men and women at all levels in their career.  Her book masterfully gives practical career advice while also reinforcing the proven benefits of diversity on an organizations profitability while also urging us all to examine how our unconscious bias affects hiring, promotions and policy decisions.

David Mack

Commander, US Navy

How I wish I’d read this book when I was just starting out in my career! Using examples from a variety of women leaders, as well as the author’s own experiences, Never Get Their Coffee: Empowering Fearless Leadership provides a template for developing skills and successfully navigating difficult situations. Tackling subjects as wide-ranging as the trap of getting coffee and ordering lunches to how to lead in times of crisis, author Lakisha Ann Woods offers down-to-earth, actionable advice for women who want to continue growing throughout their work lives. This book will serve as a reference for those who face obstacles or want to take on more responsibility, no matter where they are in their career path.

Denise Dersin

Executive Editor, Pro Builder Magazine